Leet post-50


After a few weeks, I’ve gone through a selection of 50 Leet problems. Some thoughts.

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Basic Javascript DOM manipulation concepts and commands


Specifications when Javascript runs in a web browser?

  • DOM spec: all page contents are represented as object and can be modified
  • BOM spec: additional objects provided by browser, non-DOM objects like the navigator or location objects
  • HTML spec: describes HTML language (tags) and BOM, various browser functions like setTimeout, alert, location
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Reflecting on one week of Javascript mini-projects


After a week of working through some mini-projects, I have learned a couple of things about basic Javascript DOM manipulation. It’s certinaly lifted the curtain behind some commonly seen JS functionalities.

  • Projects and functionalities covered:
    • Changing a background by clicking a button
    • Changing a background randomly and showing its HEX code
    • Quote generator
    • Input message in form and have it shown up elsewhere on the page
    • Counter
    • Image slider
    • Testimonials
    • Item filter from web shop
    • Item image slider
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Customizing a blog and portfolio site with Jekyll


It’s been a while since I’ve worked on this site. Although Jekyll was relatively easy to set up direclty from Github, customizing it has been a pain. When I first forked the site a few years ago, the default theme was, and still is, Minima. And attempt to switch up the theme results in a plethora of dependency issues, whether bewteen Github pages and Jekyll, or between Github pages and Ruby version, or between a plug-in and Jekyll. I gave up trying to customize it and let it sit in dust.

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A deeper look at Ruby's Enumerable#reduce


When first learning about collections and the Enumerable module in Ruby, like most beginners, I focused on understanding and applying #each, #map, and #select. It’s not until months down the road, while browsing problem solutions by Rubyists, that I began to discover the power of the #reduce method and began digging deeper.

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